DAT III: English List (Draft)

This list is part of the work of the Project Group on Terminology of the ICA (ICA/DAT). The brackets indicate translations. The other terms will appear in the respective language lists and were considered parts of the professional terminology in the other languages. The selection of relevant terms was made for international exchange and to facilitate the reading of archival publications in other languages.

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Concise summary of a DOCUMENT

(résumé), (intitulé du dossier)


extracto (1)


1) Right, opportunity, or means of finding, using, or approaching DOCUMENTS and/or INFORMATION 2) In data processing, the process of entering data into and retrieving data from memory

droit d'accès


1) acceso (1), accesibilidad, 2) acceso (2)

access date

The date at which RECORDS/ARCHIVES become available for consultation by the general public, usually determined by the lapse of a specified number of years

délai de communicabilité

Sperrfrist, Grenzjahr

(fecha de apertura de consulta)

access point

A name, term, keyword, phrase, or code that may be used to search, identify, or locate a RECORD, FILE, or DOCUMENT

point d'accès


(punto de acceso a la información)

access restrictions

See: restricted access


The availability of RECORDS/ARCHIVES for consultation as a result both of legal authorisation and the existence of FINDING AIDS. Access may also be affected by the need to protect records/archives from damage due to their physical condition, usable formats, and proximity of materials to researchers

accessibilité, communicabilité




1) The recording of the formal acceptance into CUSTODY of an ACQUISITION, 2) An ACQUISITION so recorded; See also: accrual

1) prise en charge; 2) entrée

1) Übernahme, Zugang, (Abgabe), Akzession; 2)Akzession

1) acción de registrar los ingresos, 2) ingreso

accession list/register

A DOCUMENT in which ACCESSIONS(2) are recorded, usually in chronological order by date of receipt, and giving the source and other identifying information for each ACCESSION(2)

registre des entrées

Zugangsliste, Akzessionsjournal

registro general de entrada de fondos y/o documentos

accession number

The unique number or code assigned to permanently identify an ACCESSION(2)

(numéro d'entrée)

(Zugangsnummer), Zugangssignatur

numero de ingreso


See: accrual


An ACQUISITION additional to SERIES already held by a repository. An accrual is also called an accretion; See also: accession(2)

entrée complémentaire


ingreso (por transferencia)


The natural process by which ARCHIVES are created in the conduct of affairs of any kind. The process is usually characterized as a "natural" or "organic" accumulation, in contrast to the purposeful gathering of "artificial" COLLECTIONS

(production d'archives)

(organisches Anwachsen der Bestände)

(crecimiento orgánico)

acetate film

A safety film support made from cellulose acetate

(film acétate)


(película de acetato)

acid-free paper

Paper having a pH of 7.0 or greater. Unless treated with an alkaline substance capable of neutralizing acids, PAPER that is acid-free at the time of manufacture may become acidic through contact with acidic material or atmospheric pollutants

papier non-acide

säurefreies Papier

(papel sin acidez)


1) The process of adding to the HOLDINGS of a RECORDS CENTRE or ARCHIVES(2) by TRANSFER under an established and legally based procedure, by DEPOSIT, purchase, GIFT or bequest; 2) An addition so acquired; See also: accession

1) accroissement(1); 2) entrée


1) ingreso; 2) ingreso

acquisition microfilm

Microfilm produced or acquired by an ARCHIVES(3) to supplement and complement its own HOLDINGS; See also: disposal microfilming, preservation microfilming, security microfilming

microfilm de complément


microfilme de complemento


A DOCUMENT formally embodying a decision of a legislative body or a public authority,or forming part of a legal transaction and drawn up in due form



acta (1), (2)

active records

See: current records


See: accrual

administrative history

That part of a FINDING AID that presents the history of the organization(s) that created or accumulated the material described therein, focusing on its/their structure and functional responsibilities over time; See also: biographical note

(historique d'un fonds)

(Verwaltungsgeschichte), Behördengeschichte

estudio institucional

administrative value

The usefulness of RECORDS/ARCHIVES for the conduct of current and/or future administrative business. Administrative value is also called operational value; See also: fiscal value, legal value

utilité administrative


valor administrativo


See: data processing

agency history

See: administrative history

agency records centre

See: records centre


In general archival usage, the TRANSFER or loss of CUSTODY of RECORDS/ARCHIVES by their custodian or owner to someone not legally entitled to them; See also: removed archives, replevin




aperture card

A card, usually punched and of a size and shape suitable for use in DATA PROCESSING systems, with one or more rectangular holes specifically designed to hold a frame or frames of MICROFILM

(carte à fenêtre)


(ficha de ventana)


A basic records management/archival function of determining the value and thus the DISPOSITION of RECORDS based upon their current administrative, legal, and fiscal use; their EVIDENTIAL and INFORMATIONAL VALUE; their ARRANGEMENT and condition; and their relationship to other records

tri, évaluation


valoración y selección

appraisal (monetary)

See: valuation

archival processing

The activities of accessioning, arranging, describing, and properly storing RECORDS/ARCHIVES

traitement (des archives)


tratamiento archivístico, archivar

archival administration

The management or direction of the program of an ARCHIVES(3), including the following archival functions: APPRAISAL and DISPOSITION, ACQUISITION, ARRANGEMENT, DESCRIPTION, PRESERVATION, REFERENCE SERVICE, and OUTREACH

(gestion des archives), archives(2)

Archivverwaltung, Archivdirektion

administración de archivos

archival agency

See: archives(3)

archival arrangement

See: arrangement

archival description

See: description

archival film

Film exposed, processed, and stored in accordance with international standards concerning image quality and permanence

(archives audiovisuelles répondant aux normes internationals de conservation)


(película normalizada)

archival holdings

See: holdings

archival institution

See: archives(3)

archival management

See: archival administration

archival quality

The material properties inherent in any MEDIUM permitting its preservation under controlled circumstances

(qualité de conservation), (état matériel de conservation)


(propiedades materiales inherentes a cualquier soporte que permita su conservación)

archival repository

See: archives(3)

archival value

Those values - administrative, fiscal, legal, intrinsic, evidential, and/or informational - which justify the indefinite or permanent retention of RECORDS/ARCHIVES

intérêt archivistique

Archivwert, bleibender Wert

valor archivístico

archive group

The primary division in the arrangement of ARCHIVES(1) at the level of the independent originating unit or agency





1) The DOCUMENTS created or received and accumulated by a person or organization in the course of the conduct of affairs, and preserved because of their continuing value; 2) The building or part of a building in which ARCHIVES(1) are preserved and made available for consultation; also referred to as an archival repository; 3) The agency or program responsible for selecting, acquiring, preserving, and making available ARCHIVES(1); also referred to as an archival agency, archival institution, or archival program

1) archives(1), document (d'archives); 2) archives(3); 3) archives(2)

1)Archivgut, Archiv , Registratur(2); 2)Archiv; 3)Archiv

1) documento/s, archivo(1); 2) archivo (3), depósito (1); 3) archivo (2)

archives box

A storage container, variable in terms of composition, construction, and dimensions, intended to protect and facilitate the shelving and handling of ARCHIVES(1)

(carton), (boîte d'archives)




A person professionally occupied in the administration of ARCHIVES(1) and/or management of ARCHIVES(3). In the United States, the term is also frequently used to refer to a MANUSCRIPT CURATOR; See also: records manager


(Archivar, -in)



The intellectual and physical processes and results of analyzing and organizing DOCUMENTS in accordance with accepted archival principles, particularly PROVENANCE, at as many as necessary of the following levels: repository, COLLECTION, RECORD GROUP or FONDS, SUBGROUP(S), SERIES, SUBSERIES, file unit, and ITEM. The processes usually include packing, labeling, and shelving and are primarily intended to achieve PHYSICAL CONTROL over archival HOLDINGS See also: archival processing

classement(1), (ventilation)



artifactual value

See: intrinsic value

artificial collection

See: collection

audio-visual records/archives

RECORDS/ARCHIVES in pictorial and/or aural form, regardless of FORMAT; See also: film records/archives, photographic records/archives

archives audio-visuelles

audiovisuelle Archive

documentos/archivos audiovisuales


The act of verifying that a DOCUMENT or a reproduction of a DOCUMENT is what it purports to be; See also: certification



autenticación, autentificación

authority control

The process of verifying and authorizing the choice of unique ACCESS POINTS, such as names, subjects, and FORMS(3), and ensuring that the ACCESS POINTS are consistently applied and maintained in an information retrieval system; See also: authority file, authority record, controlled vocabulary

contrôle d'autorité


control de encabezamientos autorizados

authority entry

See: authority record

authority file

A group of AUTHORITY RECORDS searchable by all established HEADINGS(2) and cross-references; See also: controlled vocabulary, thesaurus

fichier d'autorités


(lista de autoridades)

authority list

See: authority file

authority record

An ENTRY(2) in an AUTHORITY FILE that contains information about an ACCESS POINT. An authority record establishes the form of the HEADING(2), determines cross-references and the relationships of the HEADING(2) to other HEADINGS(2) in the AUTHORITY FILE, and documents the decisions; See also: authority control

(notice d'autorité)


(cada una de las autoridades)

automated records

See: machine-readable records

automatic data processing

See: data processing

back-to-back rows/shelving

Two rows of shelving with their backs immediately adjacent to each other along their long axis


(doppelseitige Regal)

estantería de doble faz


A unit of shelving, single or double-sided, consisting of horizontal shelves between standards, uprights, or upright frames. In the United States, a bay is also known as a compartment





1) The fastening together, usually between covers, of manuscript or printed sheets to keep them in a fixed order and to assist in protecting them; 2) The cover in 1 above


(Binden), (Bindung), (Einband)


biographical note

That part of a FINDING AID which records the highlights of the life and activities of a person or family that generated the DOCUMENTS described therein; See also: administrative history

(éléments biographiques)


(nota biográfica)


A print made on PAPER or cloth, coated with light-sensitive iron salts, producing an IMAGE in white on a blue background. The process has been most frequently used to copy maps, drawings, and plans



(tinta azul)

box list

See: container list


1) A summary, ABSTRACT, or abridgement of a DOCUMENT; 2) A summary of the facts of a case with special reference to the points of law involved to assist in presenting the case before a court of law; 3) An open letter issued by the papal chancery, sealed with a wax SEAL; 4) A letter issued by a lawful authority to an individual or institution commanding the performance of a specified action. Such a DOCUMENT is also called a writ

1) (résumé d'un document); 2) (exposé sommaire des faits d'un procès avec référence spéciale à la législation, destiné à faciliter la présentation d'une cause devant une instance judiciaire); 3) (bref); 4) (mandement),; (instruction)

1) Regest; 2) (Rubrun); 3) (Breve); 4) (Dekret)

1) extracto (1); 2) (resumen legal); 3) breve; 4) (demanda)


1) A round, metal SEAL attached to a DOCUMENT of great formality, especially the leaden SEAL attached to a certain type of papal charter; 2) A DOCUMENT so sealed





A storage unit consisting of a number of individual DOCUMENTS, whether or not related by content or function, normally tied together by string, tape,or the like


(Bündel), (Faszikel)

legajo, unidad de instalación


1) A list, usually in chronological order, of individual DOCUMENTS in the same SERIES or CLASS or of a specified kind from a variety of sources, with a summary description of each DOCUMENT prividing content and material information essential to the user, 2) A list, chronologically or alphabetically arranged, with essential personal details of persons committed for trial in a court of law or held in prison

1) inventaire analytique, 2) (registre d'écrou)

(analytische Inventar), Analyse


captured archives

See: removed archives

cartographic records/archives

RECORDS/ARCHIVES containing information depicting in graphic or photogrammetric form, a portion of the linear surface of the earth or of a heavenly body, such as maps, charts, plans, and related materials (globes, topographic and hydrographic charts, cartograms, relief models, and aerial photographs)

(cartes et plans)


documentos/archivos cartográficos


A closed container of film or of a MAGNETIC TAPE, designed for loading and unloading in a READER, projector, recorder, or computer tape drive, without prior threading or rewinding. A double-cored cartridge is called a cassette





An assemblage, usually in volume form, of CHARTERS, title DEEDS, and other DOCUMENTS of significance belonging to a person, family, or organization


Kopialbuch, (Kopiar)


case papers/files

FILES relating to a specific action, event, person, place, project, or other subject. Case files are sometimes referred to as project files or dossiers. In UK usage, particular instance papers; in Canadian usage, transactional files

(dossier individuel)

Sachakten, Vorgänge, Einzelfallakten, Massenakten, Parallelakten

expediente (personal)


See: cartridge


A listing of materials, usually arranged systematically, with descriptive details. Catalogs are produced in a variety of formats, including book, card, MICROFORM, or electronic





See: compact disc

cellulose nitrate film

See: nitrate film

central registry

See: registry


The act of attesting the official character of a DOCUMENT or of a COPY thereof

(certification conforme)



chain of custody

See: custodial history


1) The act of recording the removal of DOCUMENTS from their place of storage. In the UK, CHARGE-OUT is known as production; 2) The DOCUMENT used to record this action. In the UK, production ticket

1) communication; 2) fantôme, bulletin de demande de communication

1) Aushebung; 2) Stellvertreter,, Bestellschein

1) (movimiento de fondos); 2) testigo


1) A DOCUMENT showing tabulated or methodically arranged INFORMATION; 2) A cartographic DOCUMENT, usually referring to water, air, or astronomical objects

1) (tableau); 2) (carte de navigation)

1) (Tabelle); 2) (Navigationskarte)

1) (tabla), (cuadro); 2) (carta de navigación)


A DOCUMENT, usually sealed, granting specific rights, setting forth aims and principles, embodying formal agreements, authorizing special privileges or exemptions, or, in English law, a deed, conveyance, or similar DOCUMENT

(charte), (diplôme)


acta, diploma


See: motion picture

cinematograph film

See: motion picture

circulation record

See: charge-out


1) An identifiable and self-contained sub-division of an ARCHIVE GROUP consisting of a number of ITEMS with one or more common characteristics (UK). Class is generally equivalent to SERIES; 2) The functional category of a classification plan or scheme

1) série, 2) (division d'un plan de classement)

Klassifikations- oder Gliederungsgruppe

1) serie, 2) (cada una de las divisiones de un cuadro de clasificación)


1) Any method of recognizing relationships between DOCUMENTS; 2) The systematic identification and arrangement of DOCUMENTS in categories according to logically structured conventions, methods, and procedural rules represented in a classification plan/scheme; See also: arrangement, filing system, security classification

2) plan de classement(2); classement(1)

1) Gliederung oder Klassifikation; 2) Ordnung


classified information/records

See: security classification

closed access

See: restricted access

closed file

1) A FILE containing DOCUMENTS on which action has been completed and to which additional DOCUMENTS are not likely to be added; 2) A FILE to which ACCESS is restricted or denied; See also: open file, security classification

1) dossier clos; 2) (dossier non-communicable), (dossier à communication restreinte), (dossier à communication réservée)

1) (abgeschlossene Akten); 2) (gesperrte Unterlagen)

1) (expediente cerrado); 2) (expediente reservado)

closed record group

A RECORD GROUP to which further RECORDS are not likely to be added because of the abolition of the creating body, major administrative reorganization, or basic change in the filing plan/system

(fonds fermé), fonds clos

abgeschlossener Bestand

fondo cerrado


1) An artificial gathering of DOCUMENTS brought together on the basis of some common characteristic, (e.g. means of acquisition, creator, subject, language, medium, FORM(2), name of collector) without regard to the PROVENANCE of the DOCUMENTS; 2) The total HOLDINGS of a manuscript repository

1) collection; 2) (ensemble des manuscrits conservés par un département de manuscrits)

Sammlung, Handschriften, Sammlungsgut

1) colección facticia; 2) (los fondos de una colección privada o de una sección de manuscritos)

common records schedule

See: general records schedule

compact disc

A high-density digital disc data storage MEDIUM commonly used for publishing. A COMPACT DISC that permits read-only ACCESS(2) is commonly referred to as CD-ROM (Compact Disc-Read Only Memory). Information is read by means of a laser; See also: optical disc

(CD), (disque compact)

(Compact Disc)

(disco compacto)

compact shelving

A system of mobile shelving intended to save space and/or guarantee security comprising movable rows, operated manually, mechanically, electrically, or in combination, either horizontally on rails or rotating through a quarter-circle on a pivot

Rayonnage dense / compact/ mobile


estantería densa, compacta


See: bay

computer output microfilm (COM)

Computer output produced directly on to MICROFILM, without paper printout as an intermediary



(microfilme de salida de ordenador)

concordance list

A FINDING AID in list form establishing the relationship between the past and present reference numbers of RECORDS/ARCHIVES that have been rearranged, relocated, or, simply, renumbered. A concordance list is also known as a conversion list

table de concordance


tabla de concordancias


The component of PRESERVATION which deals with the physical or chemical treatment of DOCUMENTS

préservation, restauration


preservación, conservación

container list

A listing of materials by container, meant to facilitate retrieval. A container list normally includes the title of the SERIES or FILE(2), the portion of the SERIES or FILE(2) contained in each container, and the INCLUSIVE DATES of the materials contained therein. A container list may also include shelf locations for each container. A container list is also called a box list; See also: folder list

(type d'instrument de recherche proche répertoire numérique)


registro topográfico

contingent records

See: frozen records

continuing value

See: archival value

controlled vocabulary

A regularized or standardized list of terms used to increase uniformity in indexing or information retrieval See also: authority control, authority file, thesaurus

(vocabulaire contrôlé)

(kontrolliertes Vokabular)

vocabulario controlado

controlling agency

The agency or other corporate body that exercises control over a group of RECORDS with respect to withdrawal and use for its functions, retention or DISPOSITION, and public ACCESS. A controlling agency may be the OFFICE OF ORIGIN, transferring agency, or its successor

producteur, service versant


(oficina que controla el acceso a sus documentos)

conversion list

See: concordance list


A duplication of an ORIGINAL DOCUMENT prepared simultaneously or separately, usually identified by function or by method of creation; See also: record copy

(copie), (double)

Kopie, Abschrift


covering dates

See: inclusive dates

creating agency/office

See: office of origin


See: weeding

current records

RECORDS regularly used for the conduct of the current business of an agency, institution, or organization and which, therefore, continue to be maintained in their place of origin. In Canada, current records are known as active records; See also: noncurrent records, semicurrent records

archives courantes


documentos administrativos

custodial history

The succession of offices or persons who had CUSTODY of a body of DOCUMENTS from its creation to its acquisition by an ARCHIVES(2) or MANUSCRIPT REPOSITORY

(historique d'un fonds)


(historia administrativa)


The responsibility for the care of DOCUMENTS based on their physical possession. CUSTODY does not always include legal ownership, or the right to control ACCESS to RECORDS


(Verwahrung), dauernde Aufbewahrung



1) INFORMATION represented in a formalized manner, suitable for transmission, interpretation, or processing manually or automatically; 2) Loosely used for INFORMATION, especially in large quantities

1) donnée(1); 2) donnée(2)

1) Daten; 2) Daten

1) (información normalizada para su tratamiento); 2) (información)

data archives

An organization, or administrative unit thereof, responsible for the acquisition, preservation and communication of data in electronic form, regardless of PROVENANCE; See also: electronic records

(service chargé de la conservation d'archives électroniques)

maschinenlesbare Unterlagen

(agencia de datos)

data base

DATA organized and stored so that it can be manipulated or extracted to meet various applications but managed independently of them

base de données


(base de datos)

data dictionary

A structured assembly of information about the definition, structure, and use of data. It does not, however, contain the actual data itself. Specifically, the data dictionary contains the name of each DATA ELEMENT, its definition (size and type), where and how it is used, and its relationship to other data

(dictionnaire de données)

('Data dictionary')

(diccionario de datos)

data element

The smallest unit of data for which attributes are specified, generally corresponding to a field in a data processing RECORD(2) or a numbered box on a printed FORM. For example, name, address, series title, and record group number are all data elements

(élément d'une donnée)


(unidad más pequeña de datos)

data processing

The systematic performance of an operation or sequence of operations upon DATA by one or more computer-processing units to achieve a desired end result. DATA PROCESSING is used synonymously with information processing

traitement de l'information


tratamiento automático de datos

data record

See: record(2)

data set

See: file(3)

date range

See: inclusive dates

date span

See: inclusive dates

dates of accumulation

See: inclusive dates


The process by which an ARCHIVES(3) formally removes material from its CUSTODY. An ARCHIVES(3) may deaccession material because the material has been reappraised and found to be unsuitable for its HOLDINGS, the legal owner has requested permanent return of the materials, or the institution has agreed to transfer the materials to another repository; See also: reappraisal

sortie définitive


salida (de documentos)


Removal of acid from or reduction of acid in a material such as paper by treating with mild alkali





The removal of all SECURITY CLASSIFICATION restrictions on information or RECORDS; See also: downgrade



(apertura de consulta)


A DOCUMENT, usually under seal, in many countries made before a notary public, which, when delivered, gives effect to some legal disposition or agreement between parties

(titre), (acte notariée)

(notarielle) Beglaubigung

acta notarial


Removal of moisture from the air by mechanical and/or chemical means





1) The placing of DOCUMENTS in the CUSTODY of an ARCHIVES(3) without transfer of legal title; 2) The DOCUMENTS covered by such an action; See also: acquisition

dépôt(1); dépôt(1)

Hinterlegung, Depositum

depósito (2,3)


1) The process of capturing, analyzing, organizing, and recording INFORMATION that serves to identify, manage, locate, and explain the HOLDINGS of ARCHIVES(3) and MANUSCRIPT REPOSITORIES and the contexts and records systems which produced them; 2) The products of the above process

description archivistique

Verzeichnung, Erschließung


descriptive inventory

See: inventory

descriptive unit

See: unit of description


The DISPOSAL of DOCUMENTS of no further value by methods as incineration, maceration, pulping or shredding

élimination, pilon

Vernichtung, Kassation


destruction schedule

See: records schedule

diazo film

A type of film used in duplication MICROFILM in which an image is produced by the effect of ultraviolet light on diazonium-sensitized materials. DIAZO FILM is not considered to be of ARCHIVAL QUALITY and is generaly used for research copies rather than preservation copies; See also: silver halide film, vesicular film

(film diazo)


(película diazo)


1) A CHARTER issued by a sovereign; 2) A formal DOCUMENT conferring some honour, degree, privilege, or license



1) diploma; 2) diploma, título


The discipline that studies the genesis, FORMS(2), and transmission of archival DOCUMENTS and their relationship with the facts represented in them and with their creator, in order to identify, evaluate, and communicate their nature


Diplomatik, Aktenkunde


disaster plan

The policies and procedures intended to prevent or minimize damage to RECORDS/ARCHIVES resulting from disasters; See also: vital records management

plan de sécurité


(plan de seguridad)


See: floppy disc, hard disc, magnetic disc


A process for safeguarding RECORDS in which copies are transferred to locations other than those where the originals are housed; See also: remote storage

(action consistant à conserver les copies d'archives dans un autre dépôt que celui où sont conservés les originaux à des fins de sécurité)

(Auslagerung von Kopien)

archivo de seguridad

disposable records

See: temporary records


The actions taken with regard to NONCURRENT RECORDS following their APPRAISAL and the expiration if their retention periods as provided for by legislation, regulation, or administrative procedure. Actions include TRANSFER to an ARCHIVES(3) or DESTRUCTION. In the United States, DISPOSAL is also known as disposition

sort final


eliminación, (salida de documentos por transferencia)

disposal date

The date on which the specified DISPOSAL actions should be initiated as specified in a RECORDS SCHEDULE

délai de conservation, délai d'élimination


(fecha de eliminación), (fecha de transferencia)

disposal microfilming

The creation of microfilm to save or recover storage space and equipment and the substitution of the microfilm for the originals, which are destroyed. Disposal microfilming is also called space saving or substitution microfilming; See also: acquisition microfilm, preservation microfilming, security microfilming

microfilm de substitution

Substitutionsverfilmung, Ersatzverfilmung

microfilme de substitución

disposal schedule

See: records schedule


See: disposal

disposition date

See: disposal date

disposition schedule

See: records schedule


1) Recorded information regardless of MEDIUM or characteristics; 2) A single ITEM

1) document, archives(1); 2) article(1)


1) documento; 2) documento

document management system

An organized means of creating, indexing, searching, and accessing DOCUMENTS or INFORMATION

gestion électronique de documents


(sistema automatizada de gestión de la información) documental)

document type

See: form(2)


1) In archival usage, the creation or acquisition of DOCUMENTS to provide evidence of the creator, an event, or an activity; 2) In MACHINE-READABLE RECORDS, an organized series of descriptive DOCUMENTS explaining the operating system and software necessary to use and maintain a FILE(3) and the arrangement, content, and coding of the data which it contains

1) documentation; 2) documentation


1) (generación de documentos para testimoniar la actividad del productor); 2) (documentación de apoyo)


See: gift

donor restriction

See: restricted access


See: case file


To reduce the level of SECURITY CLASSIFICATION of specified INFORMATION/RECORDS; See also: declassification

(passage à l'échelon inférieur dans les degrés de la classification)


(reducción del grado de reserva de ciertos documentos))


1) A rough or preliminary form of a DOCUMENT, sometimes retained as evidence; 2) A written order directing the payment of money

1) (projet), (brouillon); 2) (ordre écrit de paiement)


1) borrador, minuta(1, 2); 2) (libramiento)

duplicating master

See: master


The degree to which a MEDIUM such as paper retains its original strength or properties, especially under conditions of heavy, sustained use

(durabilité d'un support)

Haltbarkeit, Alterungsbeständigkeit


electronic mail

An electronic technology that handles the sending and receiving of messages

(messagerie électronique)


(correo electrónico)

electronic records

RECORDS on electronic storage media; See also: machine-readable records/archives

(archives électroniques)

elektronische Aufzeichnungen

(documentos electrónicos)

electrostatic copy

A COPY, created on PAPER or FILM support, using electrical photoconductivity

(copie électrostatique)

(elektrostatische Kopie)

(copia electrostática)


The encasing of a DOCUMENT in a clear plastic (usually polyester) envelope of which the edges are sealed. The aim is to provide nonreactive support and protection for a fragile DOCUMENT and still maintain visibility. ENCAPSULATION is normally preceded by DEACIDIFICATION




enduring value

See: archival value


1) The recording of a DOCUMENT, TRANSACTION, or other information in a CATALOG, JOURNAL, list, REGISTER, etc; 2) An item thus recorded; 3) The UNIT OF DESCRIPTION in a FINDING AID or RECORDS SCHEDULE

1) analyse, unité archivistique; 2) analyse; 3) unité archivistique, article


1) asiento, (entrada); 2) asiento, (entrada); 3) asiento

environmental control

The creation and maintenance of a storage environment for archival HOLDINGS conducive to their long-term preservation. Environmental control encompasses temperature, relative humidity, air quality, lighting, freedom from biological infestation, housekeeping procedures, security, and protection from fire and water damage

(contrôle des conditions climatiques)

(Steuerung der Umweltbedingungen)

control ambiental


Informal DOCUMENTS of transitory value, sometimes preserved as samples or specimens. Advertisements, calling cards, notices, and tickets are examples of EPHEMERA



(documentos de escaso valor, de valor temporal)

essential record

See: vital record


A DOCUMENT not in the possession of its legal custodian

(document qui n'est pas en possession de son propriétaire légal)

(entfremdendes Archivgut)

(documento ilegalmente custodiado)


See: extract


See: appraisal

evidential value

The worth of DOCUMENTS/ARCHIVES for illuminating the nature and work of their creator by providing evidence of the creator's origins, functions, and activities. Evidential value is distinct from informational value; See also: administrative value, fiscal value, informational value, legal value, intrinsic value

(information apportée par les documents pour la connaissance de leurs producteur)


valor informativo


1) A COPY of part of the text of a DOCUMENT; 2) An authentic copy of an ENTRY; (2) especially used for ENTRIES in registers; See also: abstract

1) (extrait); 2) (extrait conforme)


1) extracto(1); 2) extracto(1)


1) A reproduction of a DOCUMENT that approximates as nearly as possible the content, FORM(2), and appearance of the original, but not necessarily the size, 2) The exact IMAGE of a DOCUMENT transmitted electronically to another location. Used in this context, a facsimile is also known as a "fax"

1) (fac-similé); 2) (télécopie), (fax)



family (and estate) archives

ARCHIVES(1) and/or ARCHIVES(3) of one or more related families and/or individual members thereof relating to their private and public affairs and to the administration of their estates. Family (and estate) archives are also known as patrimonial archives

archives personnelles et familiales


archivo familiar


1) An organized unit (folder, volume, etc) of DOCUMENTS grouped together either for current use by the creator or in the process of archival ARANGEMENT, because they relate to the same subject, activity, or transaction. A FILE is usually the basic unit within a record SERIES; 2) A series of FILES(1); 3) In DATA PROCESSING, two or more RECORDS(2) of identical layout treated as a unit. The unit is larger than a RECORD(2) but smaller than a data system, and is also known as a data set or file set

1) dossier, 2) dossiers; 3) (fichier informatique)

1) Akte, Ablage; 2) Akten; 3) (Datei)

1) expediente; 2) serie; 3) (fichero informatizado)

file copy

See: record copy

file set

See: file(3)

file unit

See: file(3)


The placing of individual documents within a FILE(1)



(formación del expediente)

filing plan

A classification plan for the physical arrangement, storage, and retrieval of FILES(1). A filing plan is usually identified by the type of symbols used, e.g. alphabetical, numerical, alpha-numerical, decimal

(plan de classement)(1)


(control y organización de expedientes)

filing system

A group of conventions, methods, and procedural rules according to which DOCUMENTS are sorted, classified, cross-referenced, stored, and retrieved

plan d'archivage


(sistema elegido para archivar)


A flexible sheet or strip of transparent material upon which IMAGES can be recorded; See also: diazo film, silver halide film, vesicular film




film records/archives

RECORDS/ARCHIVES in the form of MOTION PICTURES; See also: audio-visual records/archives

archives cinématographiques


archivos/documentos fílmicos

finding aid

The descriptive tool, published or unpublished, manual or electronic, produced by a creator, RECORDS CENTRE, ARCHIVES(3), or MANUSCRIPT REPOSITORY to establish PHYSICAL CONTROL and/or INTELLECTUAL CONTROL over RECORDS/ARCHIVES. Basic finding aids include local, regional, or national descriptive data bases; GUIDES, INVENTORIES; REGISTERS(2); location registers; CATALOGS; special lists; INDEXES; CALENDARS; and, for ELECTRONIC RECORDS, software DOCUMENTATION(2)

instrument de recherche

Findmittel, Repertorium

instrumento de consulta, instrumento de control, instrumento de descripción, instrumento de difusión, instrumento de referencia

fiscal value

The worth of RECORDS/ARCHIVES for the conduct of current or future financial or fiscal business and/or evidence thereof; See also: administrative value, legal value

(valeur fiscale)

(fiskalischer Wert)

valor fiscal


The placing of RECORDS/ARCHIVES whether bound or in containers in a position parallel to the shelf

rangement à plat


instalación (horizontal)


The process of restoring to a flat condition DOCUMENTS that have been folded, rolled, or are otherwise in need such treatment, usually by the application of pressure which has been preceded by HUMIDIFICATION

(mise à plat)



floppy disc

A flexible MAGNETIC DISC revolving within a protective cover. A FLOPPY DISC is also called a diskette; See also: hard disc




folder list

A list, prepared by the creator or an ARCHIVES(3) or MANUSCRIPT REPOSITORY to facilitate retrieval, detailing the titles of folders contained in one or more records centre cartons/containers or archives boxes/containers; See also: container list

(type d'instrument de recherche proche du répertoire numérique détaillé)


(relación de expedientes contenidos en cada caja)


1) The act of numbering the leaves or folios of a DOCUMENT as distinct from numbering pages, i.e., PAGINATION; 2) The result of this action


(Foliierung), Paginierung



The whole of the DOCUMENTS, regardless of FORM(2) or MEDIUM, organically created and/or accumulated and used by a particular person, family, or corporate body in the course of that creator's activities and functions; See also: record group


Archivgutbestand, Fonds



1) A DOCUMENT, printed or otherwise produced, with predesignated spaces for the recording of specified information; 2) In DIPLOMATICS, all the characteristics of a DOCUMENT which can be separated from its content. Historically and functionally, FORM distinguishes materials by their physical character, the subject matter of their intellectual content, or the order of information within them; See also: genre, medium, record type

1) (formulaire); 2) (caractères externes)

1) (Formular); 2) (Form)

1) (impreso normalizado); 2)(formato/caracteres externos del documento)

form of material

See: form(2)


1) The plan or arrangement of a DOCUMENT; 2) In DATA PROCESSING, the arrangement of data; 3) In descriptive practice, a selection of descriptive elements arranged in a prescribed manner and sequence so that the resulting DESCRIPTION(2) will be standardized

1) (format); 2) (format); 3) (format de présentation)


1) (formato); 2) (distribución de los datos); 3) (descripción normalizada)


The discoloration of PAPER by brownish stains, often in the form of specks or small spots

(tache brunâtre causé par l'humidité au papier)



freeze drying

The treatment of water-soaked DOCUMENTS by freezing to prevent further damage from water, and subsequent drying under high vacuum with the controlled application of heat, usually from heating coils installed in special shelving

(séchage à froid), (lyophilisation)



frozen records

In RECORDS MANAGEMENT, those TEMPORARY RECORDS that cannot be destroyed on schedule because special circumstances, such as a court order, require a temporary extension of the approved RETENTION PERIOD

(documents dénués d'intérêt historique mais dont la conservation est demandée au delà de leur délai d'utilité administrative)

(aufbewahrungspflichtiges Schriftgut)

(congelación del plazo de eliminación de documentos en circunstancias especiales, tales como una orden judicial)

fugitive archives

See: removed archives


The exposure of DOCUMENTS to the vapor of a volatile substance or toxic chemical in a closed container or chamber in order to destroy fungi and/or insects




general guide

See: guide

general records schedule

A RECORDS SCHEDULE governing specified SERIES of RECORDS common to several or all agencies or administrative units of a corporate body. A general records schedule is also called a common records schedule or general schedule

(tableau de conservation de documents communs à plusieurs services)


manual de normas

general schedule

See: general records schedule


The degree of remoteness of a COPY, usually photographic, from the origial





A distinctive type or category of artistic or literary composition characterized by a particular style, FORM(2), and/or content (e.g., comedy, documentary, essay, or hymn); See also: record type


Strukturtypen, (Gattung)

(tipo documental específico de los archivos de arte y/o literatura)


An addition to HOLDINGS acquired without monetary consideration and becoming the sole property of the recipient, frequently effected by a deed of gift





1) A FINDING AID giving a general account of all or part of the HOLDINGS of one or several ARCHIVES(3) and/or MANUSCRIPT REPOSITORIES. A guide is usually arranged by FONDS, RECORD/ARCHIVE GROUP, or COLLECTION(1) and CLASSES or SERIES therein; 2) A FINDING AID describing the HOLDINGS of one or more ARCHIVES(3) and/or MANUSCRIPT REPOSITORIES relating to particular subjects, periods, or geographical areas or to specified types or categories of DOCUMENTS. This type of guide is usually called a thematic or subject guide

1) guide par services d'archives;2) guide par sujet de recherche, guide thématique

1) Beständeübersicht; 2) sachthematisches Inventar

1) guía; 2) guía de fuentes

hard copy

A COPY, usually on paper, capable of being read without the assistance of a technical device

(copie papier)


copia (en papel)

hard disc

A hardware device used to store electronic DATA. It is not flexible and is completely enclosed in an airtight case to exclude dust; See also: floppy disc

(disque dur)


(disco duro)





(ficha técnica del microfilme)


1) The title or inscription at the head of a page, chapter, or other section of a DOCUMENT; 2) A name, word, or phrase at the beginning of an ENTRY(2) in an INDEX, CATALOG, or other FINDING AID, which serves as an ACCESS POINT to the materials being described

1) (vedette); 2) descripteur

1) (Kopf); 2) -


historical manuscripts

See: manuscripts


The totality of DOCUMENTS in the CUSTODY of a RECORDS CENTRE, ARCHIVES(3), or MANUSCRIPT repository

fonds, collections


fondos de archivo

holdings maintenance

A PRESERVATION activity that includes unfolding or unrolling DOCUMENTS, removing or replacing harmful fasteners, reproducing unstable DOCUMENTS, placing materials in acid-free folders and boxes, and shelving them in environmentally controlled and secure space

conservation, conditionnement




The process of leaving space between shelved RECORDS in stack areas for future ACCESSIONS(2) or ACCRUALS to RECORD/ARCHIVES GROUPS, FONDS, or COLLECTIONS(1), SUBGROUPS, or SERIES or CLASSES already accessioned in part

rangement discontinu

(Lagerung nach Bestandszugehörigkeit)

(instalación espaciada)


The process of humidifying





non linear text




iconographic records/archives

RECORDS/ARCHIVES in the form of pictures, photographs, illustrations, prints, and the products of other pictorial processes; See also: photographic records/archives

(archives iconographiques)


documentos/archivos iconográficos


Visual representation of the subject matter reproduced





The concept that because PUBLIC RECORDS/ARCHIVES are inalienable public property, they remain permanently subject to REPLEVIN; See also: inalienability




inactive records

See: noncurrent records


The quality of PUBLIC RECORDS/ARCHIVES that prevents such materials from being alienated, surrendered, or transferred to anybody not entitled by law to their ownership. This concept is also called inviolability; See also: imprescriptibility




inclusive dates

The beginning and ending dates of the materials being described. In the United Kingdom, INCLUSIVE DATES are also known as covering dates

dates extrêmes


fechas extremas

indefinite value

See: archival value


A systematically arranged list providing ACCESS to the contents of FILE(2), DOCUMENT, or groups of DOCUMENTS, consisting of ENTRIES(2) giving enough information to trace or locate each ENTRY(2) by means of a page number or other pointers





Recorded DATA




information management

The administration of INFORMATION, its use and transmission, and the application of theories and techniques of information science to create, modify, or improve information handling systems

gestion de l'information


(gestión de la información)

information processing

See: data processing

informational value

The worth of DOCUMENTS/ARCHIVES for reference and research deriving from the information they contain on persons, places, subjects, etc, as distinct from their EVIDENTIAL VALUE; See also: administrative value, intrinsic value

(intérêt documentaire)


valor informativo

inspection, right of

The legally imposed responsibility of an ARCHIVES(3) or a RECORDS MANAGEMENT program to inspect and propose measures to improve the RECORDS creation, maintenance, and DISPOSITION practices of operating agencies within their jurisdiction

contrôle scientifique et technique


(derecho de inspección)


A DOCUMENT, such as a contract or a DEED, executed and delivered as formal evidence of a legal act or agreement, for the purpose of creating, securing, modifying, or terminating a right




intellectual control

The acquisition and creation of DOCUMENTATION required to access the informational content of RECORDS/ARCHIVES; See also: physical control

(ensemble des opérations relatives au traitement intellectuel des archives)


control intelectual

intermediate master

A subsequent GENERATION of a MASTER used for reproduction of further COPIES

(original de 2e génération)

(zweite Generation)

(segunda generación)

intermediate storage

The storage of semi-current records in a RECORDS CENTRE pending their ultimate DISPOSAL


(Altregistratur, Zwischenlagerung)

(depósito intermedio)

intrinsic value

The inherent worth of a DOCUMENT based upon factors such as age, content, usage, circumstances of creation, signature, or attached seals; See also: administrative value, evidential value, informational value

(valeur intrinsèque)

(eigenständiger, formaler Wert), intrinsicher Wert

valor intrínseco


1) A basic archival FINDING AID whose unit of ENTRY(3) is usually CLASS or SERIES. An inventory generally includes a brief ADMINISTRATIVE HISTORY of the organization(s) whose RECORDS are being described as well as DESCRIPTIONS(2) of the RECORDS. SERIES/class descriptions normally give such data as title, INCLUSIVE DATES, quantity, arrangement, relationships to other CLASSES or SERIES, and scope and content notes. Inventories may also contain appendices which provide such supplementary information as CONTAINER LISTS, FOLDER LISTS, a glossary of abbreviations and special terms, lists of FILES(1) on special subjects, INDEXES, and classification or FILING PLANS. In the United Kingdom, an INVENTORY is also known as a repertory; 2) In RECORDS MANAGEMENT, a detailed listing of the volume, scope, and complexity of an organization's RECORDS, usually compiled for the purpose of creating a RECORDS SCHEDULE

1) répertoire numérique; 2) (ensemble des informations recueillies sur le service en vue de l'élaboration d'un tableau de conservation)

1) Findbuch, Inventar; 2) Aktenverzeichnis

1) inventario; 2) -


See: inalienability


The smallest intellectually indivisible archival unit (e.g., a letter, memorandum, report, or photograph). Items accumulate to form CLASSES or SERIES, See also: document, piece, record

pièce, article

Einheit, Element

unidad documental


1) A chronological RECORD containing impersonal accounts of an individual's or organization's daily occurrences or transactions or of the proceedings of a legislative body; 2) In double-entry bookkeeping, an account book into which are transcribed the items entered in the day book. JOURNALS are organized by account and make for more convenient posting in the ledger than do day books, which are organized by transaction

1) (livre journal); 2) (livre de comptes)


1) (libro diario); 2) (libro de cuentas por partida doble)


A word or group of words taken from the title or text of a DOCUMENT characterizing its content and facilitating its retrieval; See also: thesaurus

mot-clé; descripteur


(palabra clave), (descriptor)


1) A piece of material affixed to the front or spine of a FILE(1), volume, box, or other container upon which a REFERENCE NUMBER or other INFORMATION is recorded to facilitate storage and retrieval, 2) A code used to identify or locate an ITEM, an area of memory, a RECORD or a FILE

1) (étiquette portant la cote) 2) adresse

1) (Label); 2) (Aufkleber)

1) cartela(1); 2) cartela(1)


A process, preceded by DEACIDIFICATION, for reinforcing a weak or damaged paper DOCUMENT by enclosing it between two sheets of thin tissue. The methods of attaching the tissue are: a) thermoplastic lamination, which involves the application of heat and pressure to two sheets of plastic foil, usually cellulose acetate; or b) hand or solvent lamination, in which adhesion is created by placing a sheet of plastic foil, usually cellulose acetate, between the tissue and the DOCUMENT and applying acetone; See also: silking




laser disc

See: optical disc

legal custody

See: custody

legal value

The worth of RECORDS/ARCHIVES for the conduct of current or future legal business and/or as legal evidence thereof; See also: administrative value, fiscal value

(valeur légale)

(rechtlicher Wert)

valor jurídico, valor legal

letter(s) close

A letter, to a specified addressee and closed with a seal to keep its contents private

(lettre(s) close(s))


(carta cerrada)

letter(s) patent

A formal open letter issued under a SEAL in favour of a specified addressee but addressed generally, so as to make known the contents

(lettre(s) patente(s))

(offener Brief)

(carta patente)


A volume in which draft or fair copy out-letters have been written, usually in chronological order

(chrono), (pelurier)

Kopialbuch, (Kopiar)

(libro copiador de cartas)

letterpress copybook

A LETTERBOOK of tissue paper in which copies are recorded by transfer of ink through direct contact with the original, using moisture and pressure in a copy press

(pelurier), (chrono)


(libro copiador de calco)

level of description


(niveau de description)


nivel de descripción

levels of arrangement

The hierarchical groupings of archival HOLDINGS for purposes of PHYSICAL and INTELLECTUAL CONTROL. The levels are: repository; RECORD/ARCHIVE GROUP, FONDS, or COLLECTION(1); SUBGROUP(S); CLASS or SERIES; SUBSERIES; FILE; and ITEM

(niveau de classement)


(niveles de organización)

life cycle (of a record)

The life span of a RECORD from its creation or receipt to its final DISPOSAL

(théorie des trois âges)


ciclo vital de los documentos


The temporary physical transfer of ARCHIVES(1) to an outside location for reference or consultation, reproduction, or exhibition purposes

communication avec déplacement

Ausleihe, Leihgabe

préstamo de documentos

location index/register

A FINDING AID used to control and locate HOLDINGS

récolement permanent, (inventaire topographique)


registro gráfico de depósitos

logical record

In DATA PROCESSING, a RECORD defined on the basis of its content, rather than its physical location or space requirements; See also: physical record

(logischer Datensatz)

(ficha normalizada para descripción, control de fondos, transferencias, etc.)

machine-readable records/archives

RECORDS/ARCHIVES, usually in code, recorded on a MEDIUM such as a magnetic disc, magnetic tape, or punched card/tape, whose contents are accessible only by machine and organized in accordance with the principle of PROVENANCE as distinct from DATA ARCHIVES; See also: electronic records

nouvelles archives

maschinenlesbare Unterlagen

(documentos/archivos automáticos o en nuevos soportes)


A single frame MICROFICHE in which the IMAGE covers the whole area except the HEADER




magnetic disc

A flat, circular MEDIUM, the surfaces of which are covered with a magnetized layer permitting the recording and storage of electronic media

(disque magnétique)


(disco magnético)

magnetic tape

A tape coated with a magnetizable material, capable of storing INFORMATION in the form of electromagnetic signals

(bande magnétique)


(cinta magnética)


A handwritten or typed DOCUMENT. A typed DOCUMENT is more precisely called a typescript; See also: manuscripts




manuscript collection

See: collection(1,2)


DOCUMENTS of manuscript character usually having historical or literary value or significance. The term is variously used to refer to ARCHIVES, to artificial COLLECTIONS of DOCUMENTS acquired from various sources usually according to a plan but without regard to PROVENANCE, and to individual DOCUMENTS acquired by an ARCHIVES(3) because of their significance; See also: papers, records



(fondo histórico y/o colección de manuscritos)


A DOCUMENT depicting in graphic or photogrammetric form, normally to scale and usually on a flat MEDIUM, a selection of material or abstract features on or in relation to the surface of the earth or of a heavenly body

(plan), (carte)


plano, mapa

map case

See: plan cabinet/case


INFORMATION recorded in the margin of a DOCUMENT. Marginalia is also referred to as marginal notes

(mention marginale), (apostille)

(Randvermerk), Angabe

(notas marginales)


A COPY of a DOCUMENT or, in some processes, the original DOCUMENT, from which COPIES can be made

(master), (matrice)




The physical material in or on which information may be recorded (i.e., clay tablet, papyrus, paper, parchment, film, magnetic tape); See also: form(2)





1) A DOCUMENT recording INFORMATION used for internal communication and intended for future reference; 2) A DOCUMENT drawn up in support of a case in court or a request



1) (nota interior); 2) (memorial)


DATA describing DATA and data systems; that is, the structure of DATA BASES, their characteristics, location, and usage



(datos que describen datos)


See: microcard


MICROIMAGE arranged in similar manner to those on a MICROFICHE, but on an opaque MEDIUM. MICROCARDS are also known as micro-opaques or microprints



(microficha opaca)


A copy, usually obtained by optical reduction, in a size too small to be read without magnification





A flexible transparent sheet of FILM bearing a number of MICROIMAGES arranged in horizontal rows and vertival columns with a HEADER





A high-resolution FILM in roll form containing, after exposure and processing, IMAGES reduced in size from the original




microfilm jacket

A transparent holding, with HEADER, into which strips of MICROFILM may be inserted



(funda), (jacket)

microfilm strip

A segment of roll MICROFILM that is usually inserted into a MICROFILM JACKET

(bande de microfilm)


(tira de microfilme)

microfilm target

IMAGES on a MICROFORM containing information such as identification, coding, or test charts to facilitate control and use


(Vorspann), (Nachspann)

cartela(2), (ficha técnica)


Generic term for all media containing MICROIMAGES





The technology and processes used to record information on MICROFORMS





An IMAGE too small to be read without magnification





See: micrographics


See: microcard

migrated archives

See: removed archives


1) A RECORD of what was said and done at a meeting or conference; 2) The final DRAFT of a DOCUMENT

1) (procès-verbal); 2) (minute)

1) (Protokoll); 2) (Reinkonzept), Entwurf

1) acta(2) 2) minuta(1)

monetary appraisal

See: valuation

motion picture

A sequence of IMAGES on roll FILM or videotape that as the FILM or tape is advanced, presents the illusion of motion or movement. MOTION PICTURES are also called moving images; in Canada, cinefilm; and in Australia, cinematograph film

archives cinématographiques

(bewegte Bilder) (Film)

(película), (cinta de vídeo)

moving images

See: motion picture


DOCUMENTS serving as evidence of inheritance, title to property, etc



(título), (ciertos documentos probatorios)


A photographic IMAGE with reversed polarity or, if coloured, complementary tonal values to those of the original




nitrate film

A highly unstable and flammable FILM support made from cullulose nitrate and used for photographic NEGATIVES and motion picture FILM from c. 1890 to c. 1950. NITRATE FILM is commonly recopied onto another MEDIUM, such as SAFETY FILM

(film nitrate)


(película de nitrato)

noncurrent records

RECORDS no longer needed by their creator to conduct current business; See also: current records, semicurrent records

archives intermédiaires


(documentos prescritos)


1) A brief statement of, e.g. a fact or experience, written down for review, or as an aid to memory, or to inform someone else; 2) A short, informal letter; 3) A formal diplomatic or other official communication

1) (note); 2) (note); 3) (communiqué)

1) Aktenvermerk; 2) (Notiz); 3) (Note)

1) (nota informativa); 2) (nota), (carta breve); 3) (nota), (comunicado oficial)


The process of assigning and affixing a reference number to individual ITEMS and/or PIECES to provide INTELLECTUAL and PHYSICAL CONTROL; See also: foliation




office of origin

The corporate body or administrative unit in which a group of RECORDS are created or received and accumulated in the conduct of its business; See also: controlling agency


(Herkunftstelle); Provenienzstelle

(oficina productora),; sujeto productor

open file

1) A FILE(1,2) to which DOCUMENTS are being added; 2) A FILE(1,2) with no restrictions as to ACCESS as distinct from a CLOSED FILE(2)

1) dossier ouvert; 2) (dossier librement communicable)

(nicht abgeschlossene Akte)

1) expediente (abierto); 2) expediente (sin reserva de acceso)

operational value

See: administrative value

optical character recognition (OCR)

The detection, identification, and acceptance by a machine of printed characters using light-sensitive devices

(reconnaissance optique de caractères)

(optische Zeichenerkennung)

reconocimiento óptico de caracteres

optical disc

A device that allows the storage of either digital or analog signals on a disc. The data is retrieved through the use of a laser. An OPTICAL DISC is also known as a laser disc; See also: compact disc,

(disque optique)

optische Speicher

(disco óptico)


A governmental, especially municipal, statute or regulation

(règlement), (ordonnance)


(ordenanza), (reglamento)

original document

The initially created DOCUMENT as distinguished from any copy thereof




original order

See: respect for original order (principle of)

original record

See: original document

originating agency/office

See: office of origin

outreach program

Organized activities of ARCHIVES(2) intended to acquaint potential users with their HOLDINGS and their research and reference value

action culturelle

Archivpädagogik, Öffentlichkeitsarbeit



1) The act of numbering pages in a DOCUMENT; 2) The results of this action; See also: foliation





Writing material, usually parchment, that has been written on more than once





A MEDIUM commonly made from pulped cellulose fibers (derived mainly from rags or certain grasses) suspended in water, formed into sheets on a screen, and dried





1) A natural accumulation of personal and family DOCUMENTS; 2) A general term used to designate more than one type of MANUSCRIPT material (US); See also: personal papers, private records/archives, manuscripts

1) archives personnelles et familiales, 2) papiers,


1) documentos/ archivos personales, familiares; 2) (tipos diferentes de manuscritos)

paperwork management

See: records management


A tall water plant (Cyperus papyrus) of the sedge family native to the region of the Nile, the pith of which was used by ancient Egyptians, Greeks, and Romans to make a writing material





A translucent or opaque material made from the wet, limed, and unhaired skins of sheep, goats, or similar small animals, by drying at room temperature under tension on wooden frames




patrimonial archives

See: family (and estate) archives

permanent value

See: archival value

permanent withdrawal

See: deaccession

permanent/durable paper

A PAPER made to resist the effects of ageing. DURABILITY is reflected by the retention of physical qualities under continual use, while permanence is judged by resistance to chemical action either from impurities in the PAPER or from environmental conditions

papier permanent

alterungsbeständiges Papier

(papel perdurable)

personal papers

The private DOCUMENTS accumulated by or belonging to an individual and subject to his/her DISPOSITION; See also: papers

archives personnelles et familiales, papiers


archivos/documentos personales/familiares

pertinence, principle of

See: principle of pertinence


Generic term for HARD COPY produced by photo-chemical means





An IMAGE produced on photo-sensitive material by the chemical action of light or other radiant energy. PHOTOGRAPHS are also called still pictures




photographic records/archives

RECORDS/ARCHIVES in the form of PHOTOGRAPHS, including NEGATIVES and prints; See also: audio-visual records/archives

archives photographiques

Fotosammlung, (Bildarchiv)

(documentos/archivos fotográficos)

physical control

The control established over the physical aspects (such as format, quantity or location) of DOCUMENTS in the physical custody of a RECORDS CENTRE or ARCHIVES(2)¸See also: intellectual control

(ensemble des opérations relatives à la conservation matérielle des archives)


(control físico)

physical custody

See: custody

physical form

See: form(2)

physical record

In DATA PROCESSING, a RECORD defined in terms of its form or the physical space it requires; See also: logical record

(document défini par sa taille et son emplacement sur le disque dur)

(physischer Datensatz)


1) The smallest physically indivisible archival unit (e.g., a page in a letter). Pieces can accumulate to form ITEMS or can be equivalent to an ITEM; 2) Unit of production (UK)

1) pièce; 2) communication

Einheit, Schriftstück

1) (pieza documental)


A DOCUMENT in graphic or photogrammetric form, depicting the arrangement in horizontal sections of a structure, piece of ground etc


Riß, Plan


plan cabinet/case

A cabinet, usually metal, for the horizontal or vertical storage of maps, plans, charts, and other oversize DOCUMENTS. A PLAN CABINET/CASE is also known as a map case

(meuble à plans)


(archivador de planos), planero

planetary camera

A microfilm camera with a suspended film unit so constructed that the original document and FILM are stationary during exposure

(caméra statique)


cámara planetaria

polyester film

A SAFETY FILM support made from polyester

(film polyester)


(película poliéster)


A photographic IMAGE containing the same tonal values as those of the original





A DOCUMENT usually printed on one side of a single sheet of paper and often illustrated, posted to advertise or publicize something

(affiche), (poster)



preliminary inventory

See: inventory

preliminary survey

See: records survey


The totality of processes and operations involved in the stabilization and protection of DOCUMENTS against damage or deterioration and in the treatment of damaged or deteriorated DOCUMENTS. PRESERVATION may also include the transfer of information to another MEDIUM, such as microfilm; See also: conservation

conservation, préservation

Bestandserhaltung, Aufbewahrung


preservation microfilming

The creation of archivally acceptable microfilm to preserve the informational content of DOCUMENTS that either are in poor condition or that were created utilizing poor quality materials, as well as to preserve originals from deterioration through repeated handling and use; See also: acquisition microfilm, disposal microfilming, security microfilming

microfilm de conservation


microfilme de conservación

primary value

The worth that RECORDS/ARCHIVES possess, by virtue of their contents, for the continued transaction of the business that gave rise to their creation; See also: secondary value

valeur primaire


valor primario

principle of pertinence

A principle, now mostly rejected, for the arrangement of ARCHIVES in terms of their subject content regardless of their PROVENANCE and original order

principe de pertinence


(principio temático)

principle of provenance

The basic principle that RECORDS/ARCHIVES of the same PROVENANCE must not be intermingled with those of any other PROVENANCE; frequently referred to as "respect des fonds"; See also: respect for original order (principle of)

principe de provenance, respect des fonds

Provenienzprinzip, Fondsprinzip

principio de procedencia


1) A COPY of a photographic IMAGE, especially one made from a NEGATIVE; 2) A picture or design reproduced by any printing process, including both proofs and final versions

1) (tirage), (épreuve)

1) (Abzug); 2) (Ausdruck)

1) (fotografía); 2) (impresión)

printed archives

The published (including printed and near-print) DOCUMENTS of an organization which have ARCHIVAL VALUE

archives imprimées


(literatura gris con valor archivístico)

private papers

See: personal papers

private records/archives

RECORDS/ARCHIVES of nongovernmental PROVENANCE; See also: public records

archives privées


(documentos) /archivos privados


A RECORD of business transacted at a meeting or conference. PROCEEDINGS are also called transactions

(procès-verbal), (compte rendu des réunions)




See: charge-out

production ticket

See: charge-out

project file

See: case file


1) A formal DOCUMENT embodying the terms of a legal transaction; 2) A diplomatic DOCUMENT especially the final text of a treaty or compact, signed by the negotiators and subject to subsequent ratification

1) (document formel dans lequel sont incorporés les termes d'une transaction légale); 2) (protocole)


1) (documento que refleja una transacción legal); 2) (protocolo)


The organization or individual that created, accumulated and/or maintained and used RECORDS in the conduct of business prior to their transfer to a RECORDS CENTRE or ARCHIVES(3); See also: custodial history, principle of provenance, respect for original order (principle of)



sujeto productor, procedencia

provenance (principle of)

See: principle of provenance

public programming

See: outreach program

public records

1) RECORDS/ARCHIVES legally defined as public; also used to designate RECORDS/ARCHIVES open to public inspection; 2) RECORDS/ARCHIVES created or received and accumulated by government agencies in the conduct of public business, which may or may not be open to public inspection; See also: private records/archives

1) archives publiques; 2) archives publiques

1) öffentliche Archive; 2) (behördliches Schriftgut)

documentos/archivos públicos


See: weeding


See: shelving


An optical device for viewing a projected and enlarged MICROIMAGE

(lecteur de microformes)


aparato lector de microformas


A machine which combines the functions of a READER and a printer, capable of producing an enlarged MICROIMAGE in HARD COPY

(lecteur reproducteur)


aparato lector-reproductor


The process of reevaluating the HOLDINGS of an ARCHIVES(3) to determine which HOLDINGS should be retained and which should be deaccessioned. REAPPRAISAL is also known as retention review



(segunda) valoración


1) A DOCUMENT created or received and maintained by an agency, organization, or individual in pursuance of legal obligations or in the transaction of business; 2)In DATA PROCESSING, a grouping of inter-related data elements forming the basic unit of a FILE(3)

1) document d'archives, archives(1); 2) document

1) Aufzeichnung, 2) (Datensatz)

1) documento; 2) (registro informático)

record copy

That COPY of a DOCUMENT that is placed on file as the official copy. A RECORD COPY is also referred to as the file copy



minuta(3), original múltiple

record group

A body of organizationally related RECORDS established on the basis of PROVENANCE by an ARCHIVES(3) for control purposes. A RECORD GROUP constitutes the ARCHIVES (or the part thereof in the CUSTODY of an archival institution) of an autonomous recordkeeping corporate body; See also: collection, fonds, subgroup




record office

In the United Kingdom, an archives service or repository

archives(2), (3)


(servicio de) archivos

record series

See: series

record subgroup

See: subgroup

record type

The functional title for a RECORD or SERIES, such as license, proclamation, or register. The title normally specifies or at least implies function or use, and often implies the basic layout of information; See also: form(2), genre

typologie documentaire


tipo documental

records administration

See: records management

records administrator

See: records manager

records centre

A facility for the low-cost storage, maintenance and reference use of SEMICURRENT RECORDS pending their ultimate DISPOSITION. Records centres are also referred to as intermediate storage or limbo

centre de préarchivage


(depósito intermedio)

records control schedule

See: records schedule

records disposal

See: disposition

records disposal schedule

See: records schedule

records inventory

See: inventory

records management

A field of management responsible for the efficient and systematic control of the creation, maintenance, use, and DISPOSITION of RECORDS

gestion des documents

Schriftgutverwaltung, Ablage(3)

tratamiento archivístico

records manager

A person professionally occupied in the conduct of a RECORDS MANAGEMENT program. A RECORDS MANAGER is also known as a records officer or records administrator

(Archiviste), (gestionnaire de documents)

(Registrator, -in)

(Aðgestor@ð de documentos)

records officer

See: records manager

records retention plan

See: records schedule

records retention schedule

See: records schedule

records schedule

A DOCUMENT describing RECORDS of an agency, organization, or administrative unit, establishing a timetable for their life cycle, and providing authorization for their DISPOSITION. A records schedule is also referred to as comprehensive records schedule, disposal schedule, records retention schedule, records disposition schedule, retention schedule, and transfer schedule; See also: general records schedule

(tableau de conservation)

(Liste der Aufbewahrungsfriste), Aktenverzeichnis

cuadro de valoración y selección

records survey

A survey which gathers basic information on the RECORDS of an organization with respect to their quantity, FORM(2), location, physical condition, storage facilities, rate of accumulation, and uses for the purpose of planning RECORDS MANAGEMENT and/or archival operations and activities

(rapport de visite)


(encuesta que recoge toda clase de información sobre los documentos cara al establecimiento de un plan de tratamiento, previsión de transferencias, etc.)


A MICROFILM, MOTION PICTURE, FILM, or magnetic tape roll carrier consisting of a circular core and two circular flanges

(rouleau), (bobine)


(carrete), (rollo)

reference copy

A copy of a RECORD used primarily for consultation purposes



(copia de trabajo)

reference number

The unique number assigned to SERIES, FILE(S), ITEMS and/or PIECES to facilitate storage and retrieval


Signatur, Aktenzeichen

signatura topográfica

reference service

The range of activities involved in assisting researchers using archival materials; including providing information about or from RECORDS/ARCHIVES, making HOLDINGS available for use in search rooms, and providing copies or reproductions

service des renseignements au public


servicio de referencia

reference/research value

See: informational value


A DOCUMENT, usually a volume, in which regular entry is made of data of any kind by statutory authority or because the data are considered of sufficient importance to be exactly and formally recorded


Amtsbuch, Register



A unit of an agency responsible for the creation, control and maintenance of CURRENT RECORDS and/or SEMICURRENT RECORDS. A registry may exist at various organizational levels, such as central or departmental

bureau d'ordre



registry principle

See: respect for original order (principle of)

remote storage

Off-site storage of RECORDS/ARCHIVES; See also: dispersal

(dépôt annexe)


depósito (anejo)

removed archives

ARCHIVES that have been removed from the country in which they were originally accumulated. Removed archives are sometimes called migrated, fugitive or captured archives; See also: alienation(2), replevin

archives déplacées

(erobertes Archivgut)

(archivos/documentos desplazados)


See: inventory


A legal action for the recovery of RECORDS/ARCHIVES by an agency, organization or individual claiming ownership of them



(reivindicación de documentos)


A DOCUMENT containing a presentation of facts or the record of some proceeding, investigation, or event

(compte rendu), (rapport)




All copying processes, including MICROGRAPHICS, using any form of radiant energy and all duplication and office printing processes including operations connected with such processes




research tool

See: finding aid

respect des fonds

See: provenance (principle of)

respect for original order (principle of)

The principle that ARCHIVES of a single PROVENANCE should retain the arrangement (including the REFERENCE NUMBERS) established by the creator in order to preserve existing relationships and evidential significance and the usefulness of FINDING AIDS of the creator; See also: provenance (principle of), restoration of original order

respect de l'ordre primitif


principio de respeto al orden original


The process of improving the condition of every kind of archival material as far as practical




restricted access

A limitation on ACCESS to RECORDS/ARCHIVES, to individual DOCUMENTS, or to information of a specified type, imposed by general or specific regulations determining ACCESS DATE or general exclusions from ACCESS; See also: security classification

communicabilité réservée, restriction de communicabilité

(einschränkter Zugang), Benutzungsbeschränkung

restricción de consulta

retention period

The lengt of time, usually based upon an estimate of the frequency of use for current and future business, that RECORDS should be retained in offices or RECORDS CENTRES before they are transferred to an ARCHIVES(3) or otherwise disposed of

délai d'utilité administrative, délai de versement


(periodo preventivo de permanencia de los documentos en la oficina antes de su transferencia)

retention plan/schedule

See: records schedule

retention review

See: reappraisal

retention schedule

See: records schedule

reversibility (principle of)

The principle that no procedure or treatment should be undertaken on archival materials that cannot be undone if necessary



(principio de reversibilidad))


1) A DOCUMENT or assembly of DOCUMENTS consisting of one or more membranes of parchment or sheets of paper in which the membranes and/or sheets are sewn together end to end and rolled; 2) A DOCUMENT wound in cylindrical form for convenience of storage; 3) A DOCUMENT listing the names of persons drawn up for a special purpose

1) (rôle); 2) (rouleau); 3) (registre matricule)

1) (Rotulus); 2) (Rolle); 3) (Rolle)

1) (rollo); 2) (documento enrollado); 3) (lista), (rollo), (matrícula)

rotary camera

A MICROFILM camera so constructed that the original document and FILM are moved simultaneously by connected transport mechanisms avoiding movement between FILM and DOCUMENT during exposure

(caméra cinétique)


(cámara rotativa)

safety film

A FILM for photographic NEGATIVES and MOTION PICTURES that, unlike NITRATE FILM, has a relatively non-flammable base. Examples of SAFETY FILM include cellulose idacetate, cellulose triacetate, and polyester

(film non-inflammable)


(película no-inflamable)


In APPRAISAL, the selection of ITEMS from a body of RECORDS made in such a way that, taken together, the ITEMS selected are representative of the whole





See: records schedule


The examination of HOLDINGS to determine the presence of DOCUMENTS or information subject to RESTRICTED ACCESS. Screening is usually followed by segregation; See also: weeding

(examen des archives visant à y déceler soit la présence de documents dont l'accès serait réservé, soit des informations susceptibles d'en restreindre l'accès)

(Feststellen gesperrter Teile von Beständen, gefolgt von ihrer Sekretietung)

(revisión de los plazos de reserva)


1) A die/matrix, usually of metal, engraved in intaglio with the device or design used to produce a SEAL(2) by the application of pressure. Dies may be of one-sided design only or in pairs producing dissimilar designs simultaneously in each SEAL(2); 2) A piece of wax, lead, or other material upon which an impression in relief from a SEAL(1) has been made, attached to a DOCUMENT, or applied to the face thereof, originally serving as a means of AUTHENTICATION; also used to close a DOCUMENT

1) (matrice de sceaux); 2) (sceau)

1) (Typar); 2) (Sigel)

1) (matriz); 2) sello

secondary value

The capacity of DOCUMENTS to serve as evidence or sources of information for persons and organizations other than their creator; See also: primary value

valeur secondaire


valor secundario

security classification

The rstriction on ACCESS to and use of RECORDS/ARCHIVES or information therein imposed by a government in the interests of national security. The RECORDS or information concerned are referred to as classified records or classified information; See also: declassification, downgrade, restricted access



restricción de consulta

security copy

A COPY of a DOCUMENT made in order to preserve the information it contains in case the original is lost, damaged, or destroyed; See also: dispersal, security microfilming, vital records management

Copie de sécurité


copia de seguridad

security microfilming

The creation of microfilm to safeguard the information in DOCUMENTS; See also: acquisition microfilming, disposal microfilming, preservation microfilming, security copy, vital records management

microfilm de sécurité, microfilm de consultation


microfilme de seguridad


See: appraisal

semi-active records

See: semicurrent records

semicurrent records

RECORDS required so infrequently in the conduct of current business that they should be moved from an office to a holding area or directly to a RECORDS CENTRE, pending their ultimate DISPOSITION; See also: current records, noncurrent records

archives intermédiaires


(documentos/archivos poco consultados en la oficina por lo que se transfieren al archivo)


DOCUMENTS arranged in accordance with a filing system or maintained as a unit because they result from the same accumulation or filing process, the same function, or the same activity; have a particular FORM(2); or because of some other relationship arising out of their creation, receipt, or use. A series is also known as a record series




shelf list

A list of the HOLDINGS in a RECORDS CENTRE or ARCHIVES(2) arranged in the order of the contents of each shelf; See also: location index/register

récolement, (inventaire topographique)


registro topográfico


1) Collectively, the shelves upon which RECORDS/ARCHIVES are stored. SHELVING is also called racking; 2) The process of placing RECORDS/ARCHIVES on shelves in the course of ARRANGEMENT

1) rayonnage, épi; 2) rangement(2)

1) (Lagerung); 2) (Magazinierung)

1) estantería; 2) estanteo


The science dealing with seals





A process formerly used in repair of a DOCUMENT by pasting silk gauze to the back or both sides of a DOCUMENT. The process has been abandoned since its useful life is too short for archival materials; See also: lamination


(Einbettung in Seidengaze)


silver halide film

A type of photographic FILM using light-sensitive silver halide particles, suspended in emulsion, for the production of IMAGES. SILVER HALIDE FILM is also known as silver gelatin film and, when correctly processed and stored, isconsidered an archival MEDIUM

(film argentique)


(película de sales de plata)


A small box, usually of wood or metal, used to protect a seal attached to a DOCUMENT

(étui à sceau)


(cazoleta), (estuche)


A single positive frame on transparent material normally held in a mount and intended for projection



diapositiva, (transparencia)

sound recording

A disc, tape, filament, or other MEDIUM on which sound has been recorded

(archives sonores)


registro sonoro, registro(3)

span dates

See: inclusive dates

stack/storage plan

A plan of a stack or storage area indicating placement of shelving or other storage equipment and actual or intended use of the available space

(plan de magasinage), récolement permanent


(plano de depósito)


The storage areas in a RECORDS CENTRE or ARCHIVES(2)





The placing of an identifying stamp upon a DOCUMENT or the leaves thereof denoting that it is the property of or in the legal CUSTODY of an ARCHIVES(3). A REFERENCE NUMBER may also be placed within an identifying stamp. Stamping is also called marking; See also: numbering




step-and-repeat camera

A MICROFILM camera that produces a series of IMAGES according to a predetermined sequence, usually in rows and columns, in 105mm MICROFILM, which is cut after processing to create MICROFICHE

(caméra pour microfiches)


(cámara de microfichas)

still picture

See: photograph


See: weeding

structural guide

See: guide


See: subgroup


A body of related RECORDS/ARCHIVES within a RECORD GROUP, FONDS, or ARCHIVE GROUP corresponding to administrative subdivisions in the originating agency or organization or, when that is not possible, to geographical, chronological, functional, or similar groupings of the material itself. When the creating body has a complex hierarchical structure, each SUBGROUP has as many subordinate SUBGROUPS as are necessary to reflect the levels of the hierarchical structure of the primary subordinate administrative unit



(división orgánica del fondo)

subject guide

See: guide


A body of DOCUMENTS within a SERIES readily identifiable in terms of filing arrangement, type, FORM(2), or content



(subdivisión de la serie)

substitution microfilming

See: disposal microfilming

temporary records

In RECORDS MANAGEMENT, RECORDS appraised as having temporary or limited value and approved for destruction, either immediately or after a specified RETENTION PERIOD. Temporary records are also called disposable records

éliminables, pilon

(zu kassierende Unterlagen)

(documentos eliminables)

thematic guide

See: guide

thermographic copy

A COPY relying upon heat for formation of the IMAGE

(copie thermique)


(copia termográfica)


A compilation of words and phrases showing synonymous, hierarchical and other relationships and dependencies, the function of which is to provide a standardized vocabulary for information storage and retrieval. Component parts are an index vocabulary and a lead-in vocabulary; See also: authority file, controlled vocabulary





A word, phrase, character, or group of characters that name a UNIT OF DESCRIPTION




transactional file

See: case file


See: proceedings


1) The act involved in a changeof physical CUSTODY of RECORDS/ARCHIVES with or without change of legal title; 2) RECORDS/ARCHIVES so transferred

1) entrée; 2) versement

1) Übergabe, Abgabe(2), 2) Ablieferung

1) transferencia, 2) transferencia

transfer list

A list of RECORDS/ARCHIVES affected by a single TRANSFER

bordereau de versement

Ablieferungsliste, Aussonderungsliste

relación de entrega

transfer schedule

See: records schedule


A MICROFICHE with a reduction ratio greater than 90X




unit of description

A DOCUMENT or set of DOCUMENTS in any physical form, treated as an entity, and, as such, forming the basis for a single description, e.g. FONDS, RECORD GROUP, ARCHIVE GROUP, COLLECTION, SUBGROUP, SERIES, ITEM

unité archivistique


(unidad de descripción)

unscheduled records

RECORDS for which final DISPOSITION has not been determined; See also: records schedule

(documents dont le sort final n'a pas été déterminé)

(unbewertete Unterlagen)

(documentos no valorados)


The determination, based upon fair market prices, of the monetary value of DOCUMENTS. Valuation is also known as monetary appraisal





The removal of individual DOCUMENTS or FILES lacking continuing value from a SERIES. Weeding is also known as culling, purging or stripping; See also: SCREENING

(tri et élimination des documents dénués d'intérêt)


(entresacar duplicados)

vertical filing

The storage of DOCUMENTS in an upright position as distinguished from FLAT-FILING

rangement vertical


instalación (vertical)

vesicular film

A type of FILM in which nitrogen released during exposure expands on subsequent heating to form minute vesicles (bubbles) which produce an IMAGE by light scattering. This type of FILM is used for the production of copies from other FILMS; it is not considered to be of ARCHIVAL QUALITY

(film vésiculaire)


(película vesicular)


A charter in which the grantor states that an earlier DOCUMENT has been seen and/or inspected, which is now receited and confirmed




visual media

See: audio-visual records/archives

vital records management

The application of RECORDS MANAGEMENT principles and techniques to ensure the preservation of RECORDS vital to the continuity of business in cases of emergency or after a disaster; See also: dispersal, disaster plan

plan de sécurité

(Verwaltung der lebenswichtigen Unterlagen)

(aplicación de principios y técnicas destinados a salvaguardar documentos que conzideran de vital importancia)


The return of DOCUMENTS from the physical and legal custody of ARCHIVES(3) to the creating agency or its successor, or in the case of deposited PRIVATE RECORDS/ARCHIVES, to their owner; See also: deaccession

sortie définitive


devolución de documentos


See: brief(4)